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Our blog provides information about reverse mortgage, and also other information about mortgage, or real estate-related information. If you would like to learn more, we have compiled a list below for you:

Reverse Mortgage:

Reverse Mortgage Explained Simply:

Reverse Mortgage Risks:

Reverse Mortgage Tips:

Article: Federal Trade Commission on the Reverse Mortgage

Calculator: Reverse Mortgage Calculator (Australia)

Reverse Mortgage Education: HECM Counsellors


Mortgage Loans:

Introduction to Mortgage Loans


Mortgage Loans Tips (This video shares with you how to get approved for your mortgage loan as a first time home buyer)

How to improve your credit rating? (this is important as your credit rating determines the amount of mortgage loans that can be approved for your home purchase)


Home Buying Tips

Are you buying a home soon? Then here are some clips that can help you make a smarter home purchase.

This clip is about inspecting a home you are about the purchase. What should you check? What questions should you ask?

Cost Saving Tips

This clip shares with you the mistakes to avoid when you are buying a house. Avoid these mistakes to save thousands of dollars!

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