About RMC

ReverseMortgageCity, or rather RMC, is started by Tom Lindely, who previously works as a realtor, mortgage officer, and only recently, dive deeper into reverse mortgage. He sees the benefits of reverse mortgage in helping people get money out of their homes.

Reverse mortgage is not something that everyone will need it, but it is something that can be helpful in times of need. Governments around the world has considered implementing reverse mortgage as a plan for retirees to get cash out of their home, as an alternative form of retirement.

It is also a growing trend as people in the world are ageing faster. As such, there needs to be more information about dealing with reverse mortgages, tips and strategies to make sure that you get the maximum benefit, plus some important things to understand before going ahead.

Outside of RMC

Tom is also an avid swimmer, and always want to be adventurous. He has tried hiking in Nepal (near Mount Everest base camp), and also done crazy stuffs like bungee jumping and paragliding.

Plans For RMC

Tom hopes to share more of what he knows about RMC, and to get other people to share more about what they know about reverse mortgages. He also hopes to provide financial advice to more people too, and help them retire well into their golden years.

Writing For RMC

RMC would love to feature good articles that provide value to people. If you are keen to write for us, get in touch with us with your awesome information! Click here to apply! 

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