When we think about expanding our business,  higher studies of our children, for medical treatments and any other unexpected expenses we need a large amount of money. It is not easy to arrange such a big amount of money  in a very short time. Property acts as a backup for us. We should always buy property with good appreciation value, like The Visionaire EC.

Have a look at the visionaire ec project details to see why it is a worthy investment.

Money problem can be easily solved by taking a loan against our property. Loan is given as a certain percentage of the market value of the property . Loan against property is a secured loan where the borrower gives the authority to use his property as security. Loan against property is different from the personal loan. Loan eligibility depends on the value of property. It is a secured loan and rate of interest is lower. It is the best way to raise the money. Any individual who is an employee or self employed,  or engaged in agricultural activities are eligible  to get loan over their property.

Loan can be availed against any residential or commercial property. It may help to get immediate finance to meet a variety of our needs. Funds can be generate by unlocking the property value and easily satisfy urgent needs or emergency expenses. There are convenient repayment options and repayment tenure may vary from 5 to 15 years. Loan against property is the best option to get large funds in short time. Loan against property is more handy because the processing is much faster than any other sources of getting loan. There will be increment of loan amount if the value of property increases at the period of time.

Lenders are more interested as it is secured loan or if borrower will fail to pay the loan amount lender can take over the mortgaged property. Loan is only eligible to the freehold and self-owned properties. At the time of taking loan, some important points should be kept in mind. The entire transactions should be done properly or with great care. While taking loan against property each and every step should be taken carefully and entire repayment process should be done properly. Any mistake may cause problem  for an individual. Although there are some difficulties but if we have any freehold property it is the best option to get an attractive deal and good loan opportunity. Loan amount may be used for professional as well as for our personal work too.

Doing A Business At Home. Is it worth it ?

Many of us know the benefits of running a business you own. You get to state your own pay, you get the freedom to work at different hours, and most importantly, you have to choice to decide your own path. However, we also know that not all business are suitable, especially the ones that requires high capital.

Of course, you can set up a coffee shop or a restaurant (if you love cooking), but the thing is, it is high risk with such high costs in manpower and rental. This is why many people are turning to home-based businesses. They tend to work from home, and use their home as the office for their business. It’s a good idea. Property agents are one such example.

But if we look at other businesses, is it worth to use your home as the place for running your business? If you run a music studio at home, it is possible that you can save quite a lot of money on renting music venues outside.

As we speak to Violin Music School, which provides home violin lessons in Singapore, they do lessons by customizing their home into a music studio. With proper setup like a classroom with chairs and music stands available, they can conduct a class of 5 students easily. Students are the leisure to move around and get some refreshments from the kitchen too. In this example, yes, your home is a good choice for a home music school!

If you run a service-based business, you can consider working from home as well. If you run a SEO agency Singapore, it is way more simple. You can work from home by calling your clients in a room setup like your own office. If your room is too small, you can just move to the kitchen or the dining table. The only problem here is that you can’t meet your clients at your home.

However, you can drop by your client’s office, or the nearest Starbucks to meet your client! This will cost you at most $10 for 2 cups of coffee, but you can just take it as a “rental cost” for meeting clients. For SEO projects, you can easily make back the rental cost by provided good services to rank their websites on search engines. Is this a good deal? Definitely yes!

On the downside, as you are using your home for business, there may be certain distractions that you can’t avoid. Friends or family may drop by your place and you have to entertain them. They may see you working very hard at your home, and it is not good to just leave them alone while you continue with your work. You will need to stop working to make them feel at home. That’s the downside. Is there any way to avoid this?

Maybe? Just tell them not to drop by during office hours!

There you go! Your home is worth so much more other than just a place for your to stay.

Now, here are some cool home office ideas for you. No worries if its your first time. Time to play and have fun designing your own home office!

Consider to make full use of your own property! Check out more articles about property here.

How to Choose the Right Home Loan Wisely

First time buyers usually do not have any idea on how they can choose from a wide variety of home loans that are being offered. There are times when people make the mistake of only considering the home loan that will be beneficial to them right now without realizing that there are some home loans that might serve them better in the long run.

It is only normal for people to become a bit confused with the choices that they ought to make especially because there are also some things that people do not understand about home loans in general.

What Loan Seekers Should Pay Attention To

Here are just some of the things that loans seekers should consider so that they can possibly choose the right home loan for them:

  • Processing Fees – The things that will be processed will not be done for free. There are instances when the fees do not cost a lot of money but people still have to pay.
  • Pre – Payment Charges – There are some home loans that come in very small pre – payment charges. Whether this will be beneficial for some people or not may depend on them a lot.
  • Rate Flexibility – People may choose to get a fixed rate option that can of course some with its own advantages and disadvantages. There are also some lenders that will allow the person to pay depending on the current rates.

It is highly important that people will give attention to their current income and budget for the home loans that they have to pay. Some people tend to get home loans bigger than what they know they can afford in the hopes of acquiring the house of their dreams but this is not always beneficial. Being realistic may pay off in the long run.

Instead of purchasing a “dream” house immediately, it may be best if people could just focus on purchasing what they can afford in the beginning and they can then start focusing on getting a better investment in the long run. More details about this can be checked out here:

When all of the things that have been considered still do not seem to be good enough, checking out refinance home loan can be a great move. This will allow people not to pay for the mortgage in the beginning. This will help people get back on their feet first before they can start paying.

How to Increase Your Home’s Mortgage Value

CaptureThere is a big chance that you would like to increase the mortgage that you can take on your house so that you can pay for your house in a much faster time. If you do not have any idea on how you can do this what you have to remember is that when your home’s value increases, you can also increase the mortgage loan that you can take each month so that you can pay off your debt easier.

How are you going to increase your home’s value then? Here are some things that you have to do:

  • Get rid of leaking roofs and also waterproof your home.

You have to make sure that you know where the leaks are coming from. Once you have already seen where the leaks are from, hire an SG waterproofing contractor that can give you the services that you need. Do remember that before hiring, it is essential that you gather waterproofing quotes from different companies. This will help you choose the best one for you.

  • Work on improving your home’s bathroom.

Do you know that improving the size of your bathroom can actually make a big change with your home’s value? By simply changing the size and adding a few details that you might not have had in your old bathroom, your home’s value will increase.

  • Focus on building other rooms or extra places around your home.

If you have extra money to build something new then take the chance to do it. You may choose to build a patio or deck. You know that this extra addition will add value to your home and at the same time, you can also enjoy this extra space at home. Do remember to build something that you know you can use. If you would build a deck when it always rains, and your deck is made out of wood, there is a chance that mold will start to penetrate the rotting wood.

Get to know more about mortgages when you check this out:

Once you have improved on your home with roof repair or building new rooms, you have to remember that there are still other options that you can take in order to pay off your debt. You may be tempted to take further advance for your home loan but this is not a good idea in the long run. Just pay off the new amount that you are required to pay and make sure that you will not miss anything.

Some Ways To Waterproof Our Roof.

I like to read  this blog post and it was really good.  The original blogpost can be found here How to Waterproof Your own Roofing  If you want to find out more about sg roofing contractor  then enjoy to read this post.

Roof Image Blog II

In seeking to waterproof your roof, first, you have to understand whether said waterproofing is required. Therefore, you have to first check what material your roof is made of. If your roof is made of concrete, then it is probably already waterproof all by itself. Therefore, only fractures in your roof will need to be further made waterproof. This will save you a substantial amount of work, as rather than having to coat your entire roof with waterproofing materials, you will only have to work on certain areas that may require a little more waterproofing or a little strengthening. Contractors will be able to advise you on whether your roof requires such waterproofing. However, in the case that you choose to undertake the whole operation by yourself, then here are some tips on how to completely waterproof your roof.

Firstly, you have to prepare your roof for the coating of your choice. Therefore, check your roof thoroughly for any damaged caulking or unevenly applied concrete. If your roof has cracks in it up to 0.6cm wide, fill them in with caulk. However, if the fractures in your roof are wider than that, you have to conduct concrete patching to fill in these joints. Ensure that the area is completely dry before proceeding. If the surface of your roof is rough, there is a good chance that the coating that you choose to apply on it will not adhere well. Therefore, you have to grind the roof with industrial sandpaper or otherwise so as to smoothen the surface and ensure better adherence. As part of your preparation, you should further clean your roof to make for the best possible results in waterproofing your roof. Give your roof a thorough scrub to get rid of any dirt that may remain on the concrete. Let your roof dry before waterproofing it.

Google image

There are many different types of materials available for waterproofing your roof. A liquid membrane has several benefits: it is both inexpensive and produces results at a rapid rate. Liquid membranes are coatings to be sprayed or rolled onto your roof directly, and therefore are easy to use. Liquid membranes, however, will make it difficult for you to achieve even coverage. Therefore, sections of your roof will be more thickly coated with liquid membrane than other parts of your roof. Should you choose a liquid membrane, follow the available instructions on how to apply it.

Another form of coating, a self-adhering sheet membrane is a large, rubberized asphalt membrane that you apply to your roof. Sheet membranes possess a benefit over liquid membranes in that they will allow you to achieve uniform thickness, but they are more expensive than liquid membranes. They also require greater skill in application as they are extremely sticky and you have to be careful in peeling the membrane to expose the sticky side, for they will stick upon contact with a surface and they are tough to remove from the surface once having bonded to it. You have to also mind how sheet membranes overlap, for improper laying of the sheet membrane will increase the propensity for leakages to occur in your roof. Ensure that lap joints are cut as per instructions and that a bead of mastic is run down every lap joint one foot from a corner. Sheet membranes are also not a one-person job, so you will have to find a partner willing to help you to avoid disappointment and a bad waterproofing job.

article image get quotes

If you are searching for a more eco-friendly method of waterproofing your roof, I suggest that you select sodium bentonite, which is basically clay. It is able to bond to smooth as well as coarse surfaces and will function as a great waterproofing agent, given that clay has high porosity and can prevent water from seeping into your house. It is also healthier for the environment, given that clay is more biodegradable than the rest of the materials and the harvesting of it produces little waste.


To read more go to How to Waterproof Your own Roofing

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Can public speaking helps you in your reverse mortgage career?

Do you believe that public speaking can change every aspect of your life? Whether you are a teacher and you would like to convey your lessons to your students or you are a lawyer who would need to help your talent in some aspects of his/her life, you have to know that public speaking can help you a lot in different things that you are going to do.
If you are searching for the right coach, public speaking coach Benjamin Loh can help you out. Here are just some of the benefits that you can get when you are skilled in public speaking:

• Become more successful – When you know how to speak your mind, you will be able to convey the various messages to other people easily. When you need to speak with important people, you can be sure that you will know how to say your thoughts in a correct and proper manner. This is one of the reasons why you would like to improve public speaking.

• People will understand what you are trying to say – When you are skilled with public speaking; it will be easy for other people to understand the message of your speech. It will be easy to pinpoint where the conversation is heading too because everything is clear and concise.

• Be more confident – When you know that you would be able to speak your mind with ease, you do not have to worry about impromptu situations wherein you need to speak or you need to say what is on your mind.

• Be less awkward in certain situations – There is a chance that you have already attended parties wherein you do not know a lot of people and the only way by which you will get to enjoy the party is if you will make friends with the other guests. You may never know you might have other friends with you later on.

It is quite obvious, you can be sure that you will be more confident overall. You may choose to hire a public speaking coach Benjamin Loh to help you out. You can also take public speaking classses that will benefit you a lot. Now that you know this, do you think that public speaking will be able to help you out in reversing your mortgage or at least helping someone in reverse mortgage?

Reversing mortgage is actually the type of mortgage that is only available to people who can borrow the money against the value of their current homes. Usually, the borrowers are not required to pay anything. The loan will be structured depending on the current value of their homes. Some elderly people get it so that they can have money for their retirement.

Elderly people would like to enjoy their twilight years and this can be hard to do if they do not have enough money to do the things that they have always wanted to do. Some people who are good in public speaking are able to get approved for this type of mortgage easily while there are also some who help people into getting this type of mortgage with the use of their skills in public speaking.

Reversing mortgage can now be harder to acquire because of the new rules that have been set. People who would like to get this type of mortgage might have better chances if they can use their skills in public speaking to make it possible to convey messages in the clearest way. Improve your public speaking by checking out public speaking course.

Learn more about public speaking here. Boost your career today!

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What Are The Venues for Team Building Games in Singapore?

As I shared with my friends about mortgage plans and property financing solutions, I met up with my long lost friend who is in business. Recently, we catch up with each other and share about what we do. And I found out that my friend does company events such as teambuilding, leadership training and retreats for their staff.

So as we thought of working with one another, I would like to share with you what he has to share today – Venues for team building games in Singapore. If you are a business owner who wants to bring your employee out to have a day of fun and team bonding activities, this article will help you with your event planner. So, over to you Ken!

Have you always thought of bringing your people out of office just to have a day of fun and learning, and get back to work the next day bonded stronger, communicate better, and produce more results? Yes, and that’s what my job is! I help companies organise teambuilding programs that will shift people’s behaviour, to make them more proactive, more purposeful, and of course, more productive.

We do these through a series of fun and activities, and the people love our programs so much that they remember every bits of it, even years later.

However, in this article, I will want to share with you what are the venues you can go to for such company events in Singapore. If you were to organize one for your team (or you can get our teambuilding experts to help), then this list of venues will help you!

1. Sentosa


Sentosa is known as Singapore’s most popular playground. It is a tourist location, and one of the places Singapore is known for. So what’s best for Sentosa?

If you would like some outdoor activities under the hot sun, with the beach and the sea, then Sentosa is the way to go. And please, if you are in Sentosa, do not stay indoors. Sentosa is meant for outdoor games like frisbees, flying fox, water games, beach volleyball. If your company want to organise treasure hunt, this is a good place too!

2. Gardens by the bay


This is another popular travel location of Singapore. MNCs who fly in foreign delegates into their Singapore headquarters will want to use tourist spots for their activities. One, they can show their foreign delegates around Singapore, plus, they can have fun with their colleagues there!

Gardens by the bay have big event hall, and smaller function rooms for rent. It will be good for big events of up to a few hundred people.

3. City Hotels


Of course, you can consider hotels in the city areas too, like Raffles Hotel, Swissotel, or Marina Bay Sands. You can also choose hotels in the popular shopping district of Orchard Roads, and there are hotels like Marriott hotel, Hilton Hotel, and Hyatt hotel.

These hotel are situated right in the popular area of Orchard and this makes travel convenient. They also have different function rooms to cater to your event needs. That’s not all, you can be assured of top customer service for all your functions.

So there you go, a list of venues in Singapore for your company events. If you would like to know more about teambuilding information, you can follow our Facebook or Google Plus for more updates!

Understanding What A Mortgage Is

From the previous article, you have understood what a reverse mortgage is. Now, let’s go deeper into understanding what mortgage is, and some of the important things you have to know about mortgage.

Let’s kick off this with a video about mortgage.

mortgageMortgage: A financially legal and binding procedure to facilitate the transactional flow of money between two parties, referred to by the term lender and borrower, in exchange of any immovable/movable entity with a physical significance under the given laws and conditions.

The borrower gets money in exchange of the entity being under the ownership of lender for a mutually agreed stipulated time. The lender has the rights and necessary privilege to claim on borrower’s property in case if the later faults on the line of repayment or does not respect the terms and conditions of the agreement previously agreed upon.

Technical Terms

There are few technical terms associated with mortgage:
Loan Amount
Loan amount is the money which borrower takes from the lender in order to pay for the property given under the care of lender.


This is an option with the borrower which he can exercise to fast re-pay his pending loan in order to secure his property.

Principal Amount

The total amount loaned by the borrower from the lender.

Interest Amount

This is the amount which is paid as interest on the principal amount by the borrower to the lender over the specified period.

Typically, mortgage is of two:

Fixed Rate
Under this category, there is a mutual agreement between borrower and lender whereby the fixed time period is decided upon and fixed repayment amount on regular interval, usually a monthly phase out activity, to repay the complete amount.

Floating Rate
Under this category, there is no fixed amount being paid over the mutually decided period, which usually ranges from 5 to 30 years entirely dependent on the loan amount. The rate is calculated based on the market fluctuations and economic scenarios.

This is a very crucial phase in everybody’s life when it comes to applying for loan to secure your dream home. Usually, we all opt for reputed banks, if possible government undertaking, to make sure that they are no risks involved and preferably lower interest rate involved. It is very imperative for us to do proper analysis before we opt for the property and then for the bank of our choice.

1. Note down your financial liabilities & daily expenses
a. Once you have made up your mind to go for your dream home, make note of all your financial responsibilities in terms of any existing investment and total amount.
b. Now, monitor for close to 2 to 3 months to see how much you spend on your household activities. The sum of a & b will give you clear perspective about how much bandwidth you have in terms of opting for the loan amount.

2. Analyze your future projection in terms of earnings
a. Based on your current total household income, make a calculation about the future
earnings for next 10-15 years and see how much you could probably save.
b. Keep aside a portion of amount for any eventuality from the projected amount.

3. Tax exemption
a. Considering the existing investments that you have around for the sake of tax saving, calculate the expected principal and interest rates. Once you have followed the above three steps, you will have the clarity around your financial strength to decide about the price range for the house. These steps will also give you clear perspective about how you can save your tax by stop investing in other financial instruments that you had in past.

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What is reverse mortgage about? A little introduction guide

We all know what mortgage is.

When you buy a house, you will usually take a housing loan from the bank. If the bank lends you $300,000 to buy a house, that will be the money you owe the bank. Throughout the years, you can decide how long you want to pay back the bank. Of course, it cannot be as long as 80 years. A typical home loan range from 10 years to 25 years. The shorter the loan, the higher the monthly installment you pay. The opposite is true too. The longer the loan, the lower the monthly installment.

That is mortgage. You pay monthly mortgage to the bank.

When you have finished the mortgage payment, you fully owned your house. The house is yours.

What about reverse mortgage?

Here’s a short video to explain to you:

You can watch the video on Youtube here too.

In short, reverse mortgage means you convert part of the equity of your home into cash from the lender, who is the bank. You can do this without selling your home or pay additional bills. There are a few countries who have supported this initiative, and it is usually started for the elderly who are 60 years old and above.

In Canada and US, reverse mortgage are quite popular as it is one way for the elderly to receive cash payments for their retirements. This initiative has given some opportunity for the elderly to ‘cash out’ their house, without selling them. The Singapore government is starting to look into this initiative, because of its increase in elderly population too.

You can read more about Reverse Mortgage on wikipedia too.

Is this reverse mortgage initiative to be supported? Will you support it?

Let us hear your views below.